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If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~



If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~


o m f g. what. oh god this is going to happen isn’t it. 

ps; i love you.

If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~





"…I don’t think that’s in my job description. That would be quite useful though, considering you ruin a lot of socks with your disgusting feet.” Merlin couldn’t help but agree on that note, shaking his head slightly. “But your knights are trained to handle sieges and battles, not me. Even if they do involve smelly laundry. You’re on your own if that ever happens.” As if Merlin truly ducked out and away from battles to begin with. But if Arthur wanted to call him a coward over wanting to dodge a siege of filthy socks, he would be alright with it… just this once. “…I’m not going to ask you whether or not you were— um. Whatever it was that I was assuming. Not my business. And no? A lot of things could’ve happened between when you had your bath and now. You’re like a child sometimes, I swear… constantly throwing you in the bath to keep you looking all kingly and fresh. I think the lady doth protest a bit too much. And, um, no. I believe you now. You have awfully smelly feet. Probably the smelliest feet in all of Camelot! I think the people have a right to know.

Your job description to loyally serve your king as his manservant! You might not be a knight or a guard, but you still uphold your dedication to me,” Arthur pointed out, giving a roll of his eyes at Merlin trying to cop out of some of his responsibilities. Really now! “So in exchange of not having to fight with a sword—God help me anyway because you are terrible with one—you can be the one with a basket to catch any potential hazardous socks in order to cleanse them of their poisons.” 

There was a moment where Arthur couldn’t help but flush slightly—not because he did anything inappropriate with his socks. But because Merlin actually put such a thought into his head! He put a hand over his face, giving a shake of his head, before glancing up with an incredulous stare. “I doubt I hardly smell anything as bad as when you have to muck out the stables, Merlin, which could be arranged afterwards if you’ve the time to sit here and criticize my ability to stay clean. My feet are so not that smelly! And no the people of Camelot haven’t a right to know of the condition of my feet after a long hard day of work! They’ve their own feet to worry about, let alone their king’s!


have entered the tavern 


   ”I don’ know what you’re talking about.” 

Right. Though, I’m half inclined to believe you depending on how many tankards of mead you’ve already consumed.”

"Accents" okay... so I followed you with my Percival account, just so I could send another one! Lady Rosilyn <3
If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~


NORMALLY I WOULD BE LIKE ‘NOPE’ but okay it’s a different account i suppose it counts. >_>; ahahaha, thank you for the follow on your percy account!


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that’s not fair

if i don’t make it to 10 by the end of the day i will count your other accents and record anyway, okay? XD 

Accents, accents, accents, accents, accents
If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~


ONLY ONE COUNTS, MA’AM. ahahahaha. 

If I get 10 "accents" I will record myself saying all of this~